Conservation Status: (Caligo) Vulnerable | (Dolos) Extinct | (Nevermore) Extinct

Hyperion Warbird | Firestrider

Finixushacids Family

Known as Firestriders by the human kingdoms to the north, the Hyperion Warbird are an aggressive non-avian species of firebirds.

They can be found in the Gilded Desert region of Hyperia, or in the Lands of Moros where temperatures tend to be very high with sparse vegetation, and savage sand storms.

This species of birds are large omnivores standing about 9-11 feet tall with a sharp beak capable of breaking into tough bones, coconuts, and shells of their favorite food, tortoises.

It is believed that their heightened intelligence stems from their nutritious diet of seeds, marrow, and organs.

The Mythical Phoenix

These unique birds are protected by Hyperion law and are used like horses for transportation and warfare. Some Hyperion settlements even consider this species of Firebird as kin.

This species is believed to have come from a rare mutation of an ancient royal Phoenix. Some scribes have written accounts of when the first sign of the mutation occurred and how a new kind of Firebird evolved from it.

Firebird of Hyperia

It is believed that their heightened intelligence stems from their nutritious diet of seeds, marrow, and organs.

Hyperion Warbirds are capable of running up to 48 mph, even when carrying an adult Pureblood Hyperion. They possess a powerful neck and sharp talons that can shred any threat or prey.

Firestriders in the wild are very different from those tamed or bred by Hyperia. They are extremely aggressive, savage, and territorial birds of prey. They travel far distances in flocks of eight known as a Red Murder in search of food and safe shelter. One male alpha tends to lead a group female hunters similar to a Lion's Pride.

They are larger and sturdier than an Ostrich with a frilled mane of fiery orange and white feathers that turn a warm brown at the tips of their wings. They do not have a long feathered tail, nor do they have large wings. They have evolved to prioritize avid running, and no longer have the ability to even glide.

A Hyperion Warbird can trek across the entire Gilded Desert, a location just as big as the Sahara Desert, with just three water stops. They have an organ that allows them to store water for long periods of time, and their feathers have a unique powdered substance capable of repelling high heat and even fire for a few minutes. They are not immune to fire, but can withstand it more than many other species. It is a trait often associated with the Phoenix.

In times of battle, Hyperions have reported decapitating their enemies with their Warbird, and have been included in the military in a manner that resembles War Hounds in the human militaries.

Most Warbirds bear fiery feathers, a trait similar to the Phoenix, but a rare race of Firestriders exist with a blue mane of feathers and piercing blood red eyes. These unique blue Firestriders are often only ridden by generals or Hyperions in seats of power. They are a badge of royal lineage and power. It is due to a Blue Firestrider's inability to be tamed. They are similar to wild cats in which they choose their loyalty and how friendly they want to be. Blue Firestriders value a strong partner, and are one of the only races of Firestrider that are considered conscious.

Warbirds have been known to change allegiances when they meet someone that displays power and traits they like. Wild Firestriders do not show this often since their mindset and ways of life are very different from those that are considered a part of Hyperion society. As of this date, only the Hyperions have learned how to bond with a Hyperion Warbird.

Beast Rank

The Hyperion Warbird uses it strong beak to peck stone termite mounds in order to eat mouthfuls of grub.

They are extremely intelligent creatures, believed to be as a smart as a 10 year old human kid, and are capable of strategic warfare in groups.

Capable of sprinting up to 48 mph, the Hyperion Warbird can travel long distances at a consistent pace of 25-30 mph. They are also capable of carrying about 350 lbs of weight without strain.

Warbirds tend to be destructive to property when bored, stressed, or hungry. Due to this, Warbirds tend to stay outside the home and often find rocks or bones to chew on which also maintains the health of their beak.

Created by H.S. Crow

Designed by Kev Liew

I always had a curious interest towards the prehistoric Terror Birds and the mythical Phoenix. I wondered how both of these creatures would be like in real life, and what if they could be tamed. I wanted to explore an idea similar to how the wild wolf gave rise to the dog after ages of controlled breeding. A lot of my influence stemmed from these ideas, but one thing in particular that inspired the war mount concept came when I was brainstorming of animals that have been ridden in the past. I learned that an Ostrich can be used for travel and there are even Ostrich races. A big thanks to Kev Liew who created the first original designs of the Warbirds from my imagination, and to Cha Wak for helping further the development the creature's design.

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