Conservation Status: (Caligo) Endangered | (Dolos) Extinct | (Nevermore) Critically Endangered

Elder Fang | The Grom

Archaeo Chrysocyon Family

Elder Fangs can be up to 8-9 feet tall, while the Dire Wolves of Caligo are up to 4-5 feet, both are considered fearsome creatures in the deep north of the Whitelands. However, these two species of caninae are from an entirely different genus. The Elder Fang belongs to the Chrysocyon, a unique creature bearing a semblance of wolf and fox traits, but are of neither groups. This beast is its own creature, and far more dangerous than a Dire Wolf.

The Grom of Winter:

The Grom is a term used by the Nightsworn to describe the Elder Fang and it simply means Nightmare. For many decades, the Nightsworn as fought against these beasts and have sought to push their territory further north, towards the uncharted lands. Tragically, this has been a futile war that has lasted for nearly 200 years.

The Elder Fangs tend to target small villages with no prejudice towards humans or sprites. They devour anything that bleeds, and tend to feed only when the moon is fullest. They are cannibalistic as well in nature, and will not discriminate, even with their own kind.

These ancient beasts are believed to have once been protectors of a now dead Wolf God, and due to this, they roam the forest under the full moon, forever empty as they search for meat to fill the void. Legend states that this Wolf God whose name is forgotten by time sought to have more children, and created some after gluttonously devouring an entire city of human settlers in a fit of rage. It's full belly is said to have influenced the offspring and warped them into feral monsters with bottomless pits that would lose their self control upon the sight of a full moon. The God took notice of the destructive nature of these children and felt repulsed not just by their nature, but also their appearance. In an attempt to control and calm their hunger the God moved his monstrous children to the Whitelands where life was not as prevalent, but in doing so, they only grew more ravenous and turned against the God.

They are solitary creatures in most cases, and feast every full moon, but enter hibernation in-between cycles. They tend to eat the whole night until their bellies tear and red fine lines of skin crackle and leaks blood.

When a Elder Fang attacks a sprite or human settlement, they are hunted down. This is due to the Elder Fang's inability to forget its meal. Once this creature has set its eyes on a settlement, it will not stop until it has feasted. If they do not succeed under the full moon, they tend to try again on the following one until they succeed. This relentless nature has made the creature difficult to contain and control. Some sprites have stated that the elder fang can communicate beneath its crude fang filled smile with a cackle that ripples across the air for miles.

Beast Rank

The Elder Fang are capable of running up to 25-30 mph and leap across rooftops. They are extremely agile and carry a bite that can match a tiger's chump. Their eyesight is not the best, and due to this they tend to rely heavily on their nose. They can smell from a great distance and even pinpoint the exact location of what they are hunting.


Created by H.S. Crow

Designed by Cha Wok

I wanted something nightmarish, a monster that even a God would fear. This beast is a mixture of the werewolf and Amarok stories from both Greek and Inuit mythology. However, this is a new creation with elements that make it stand on its own. Unlike the Werewolf mythology, these are not humans, nor have they ever been. In fact, they are not wolves either. Though they are of the canine family, they are an entirely new species. The Elder Fangs are cursed by the God that they devoured and have become a terror upon the Whitelands. They are fierce and solitary creatures similar to the Amarok descriptions. A big thanks to Cha Wok for bringing this beast to life.

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