Mythological Inspiration: Victorian Fairies and Tuatha Dé Danann
Eukarian Princess Sarai Silkwillow of Caligo

The Touch of Quldori

Animal Influence: Butterflies

The Eukarians are a species of sprites physically recognized for their butterfly-like wings and purple irises. They are the leading species that oversee the Sylvatic Kingdom. In the golden age of the Eukari Testament, the Eukarians consisted of seven great races/tribes, but the events of the Solara Cretana rendered four extinct.

Today, only three races/tribes remain and among them is the Yote, highborn Eukarians capable of harnessing a power that can rival Gods. The Yote are born with an eye color mutation that replaced the common purple color seen in the other races/tribes to either violet, indigo, and the rarer amethyst pigmentation. They are the most connected Eukarians to the earth, and are considered the purest bloodline, even after the Quldori changed them.

They are tremendously powerful, but often die young as a result. It is believed that their bodies are naturally prone to heart murmurs during overexertion. They have served their people as a whole for countless ages, and especially during the wars that followed the Solara Cretana Event where their race/tribe dwindled to near extinction.

Male Eukarians (Yote and Dahari) by Shoz Art

Female Eukarian (Yote and Dahari) by Shoz Art

Currently only eight families with Yote lineage exist, and among them is the wise and honored Silkwillows—the current ruling family of all Eukarians. The Silkwillows are believed to be the core family that aided in the unification of all major forest sprite species, and they currently oversee it. The Sylvatic Kingdom is highly respected and revered due to the Silkwillows.

The Dahari is the most diverse and largest population of Eukarians. Their features are extremely similar to the Yote, side their wings and eyes.

The Dahari wings mimic the color of plants in nature regardless of season unlike the Yote which constricted theirs to winter’s twilight. Their skin tones range from the uncommon white, tan, and brown to the common green and mint. All Dahari have purple eyes and a more pronounced vein system on their back. The vein systems come from their wings when retracted under the skin, and only emerge when the blood pumping the heart reaches a turbulent rate. The pressure on the nape and upper back pushes the tiny veins through small collections of silk pores—openings in the skin—that allow for the iconic wings to take shape.

However, the Dahari finds the veins repulsive and often strives to keep their backs hidden. In fact, Eukarian law considers their own wings a form of nudity, and are prohibited to display them in public. Eukarian wings are deemed a sacred and private affair, with exceptions being for survival and battle.

The Dahari and Yote both bear an extreme likeness to humans, and have been known to be capable of breeding with them. They are also the most recognized of all forest sprites, and often viewed as the staple of what all Eukarians should look like.

The last surviving race is the Uka, a tribe/race of Eukarians that denied the Quldori during the Great Calling. The Uka evolved differently as a result, and now bear no resemblance to the Dahari or Yote. The Uka appearance have changed quite a bit since the Cretaceous Period, now bearing smaller skulls, thicker limbs, and larger wings. They are believed to be weaker than their counterparts.

They value peace and understanding, and thus have never waged or partook in any war. They do not have hair or dexterous fingers, and their facial structures bear larger proportions, regardless if their stature is smaller in size when compared to the other races/tribes.

Uka Eukarian by Gij

The Uka have dark skin as rough as dried leaves, and purple eyes similar to the Dahari, a trait that the Dahari despises. Since the Great Calling, the Uka have been viewed as an inferior and unpleasant reminder to a more primitive and cowardice past, one that the Dahari seeks to sever ties with. The Dahari discriminated against them for a long time until the Yote families intervened. The Yote established laws against racial hate crimes and segregation in hopes to secure order. Cernunos Doirean Silkwillow led the movement and succeeded after generations of infighting. The issues between the Dahari and Uka are not easily forgotten, but the need to secure their kingdom’s future has grown stronger. At first glance, both races/tribes are loyal to the Yote families, but as with any civilization, not all may agree.

Nearly All Eukarians bear a range of abilities and evolutionary adaptations that have allowed them to survive great cataclysms. The most well-known and feared is their ability to manipulate, mend, and transform the nature around them. This species prefers the comforts of wooded areas such as forests and jungles to build their homes and cities.

They use plants and wood in the environment as the foundations for their buildings and alabaster to accentuate walls with more beauty. Sculptures are common in their territories, and often tell stories. They covet the idea of intertwining their cities with networks of trees and plants artistically. They believe that this pays respect to the territory they live in. It is common for emeralds to litter the streets as it is a sign of prosperity to their species.

Architecture is valued highly in their culture due to their history with the Limarians. They praise builders and sculptors and find joy in letting animals live alongside their settlements. They believe the earth is to be shared. Signs of Eukarians can be seen in Dolos—Earth. The Dolos civilizations have often spoken of strange creatures that mirror their own appearance and wings that shock the mind. The Victorian Era depictions of fairies pay the best respect to them. They are known as the Guardians of the Forest, and will do whatever it takes to keep it safe.

The Emerald Children:

The ancient and sophisticated Eukarians have shaped Caligo and Dolos since their first steps over the Precambrian shores. They are known for their resilience against calamity, and their ability to adapt.

To the Gods of Old and New, they are creatures of defiance and loyalty. These forest sprites serve as the guardians of not just the forest and wildlife, but also the Sephira, a physical manifestation of Earth. They once aided the Architects of Limaria in halting a darkness that bears no name—only contradiction.

It followed the Architects and devoured them. It took the Eukarians and seven other sprite species, along with a great sacrifice to seal the First Door, but nothing could stop the world from crumbling beneath the ice and fire that the war left behind. The Architects created the Starfall as a reflections to their cause, but this cause became forgotten.

The Starfall were children playing with a power they knew too little of, and it nearly hindered all life. The Eukarian’s power over nature is feared and respected by all kingdoms, including the Starfall. Their analytical, cautious, and stern view of the world has made them great leaders and tacticians. They believe their primary purpose is the preservation of Caligo, and the living creatures born from it.

King Doirean by Shoz Art

Lately, Eukarian desire to understand the universe has grown troubling as they search for Limarian technology and methods that challenge their ways of life. .

Eukarian Social Structure:

[The Eukarian social classes is based on the Sylvatic Social Structure. The current rulers of the Sylvatic Kingdom are Eukarians, and their race have grown to become the key holders of the laws that dictate the forest territories. The known social ranks is listed below from highest to lowest.]

1. Cernunos and Kore (King and Queen): They consist of two monarchs with equal rule over all Eukarians. The married duo bear different responsibilities with great importance.

2. Council of Genesis: This council consist of Eukarians from the Yote race/tribe, Araneae, Ursidae, Drinus, Phloem, Ceryniti, and even the Mymari sprites. These species of sprites choose the most respected individuals from their civilization to uphold the Pact of Unity and the Laws of Eukari.

They are also the chosen representatives for their people elected every ten years for the given settlement. Each elected official oversees their territory as the chosen Lord of the Land called a Cryslf. He or she is responsible for the prosperity and fairness of the land.

Queen Jasmine by Shoz Art

3. The Guardians of Power: They protect the Sylvatic Kingdom by means of military leadership and combat. They are the greatest warriors chosen by the leading forest sprite species with their highest priority being the safety of the Silkwillow Family.

4. The Three Wardens: They are the leaders that oversee the secret Eukarian military called the Salix no Mori that protects order outside Laws of Eukari and the capital. They do not take orders from the royal family, but instead serve as a balance against the monarchy or if the council is infiltrated. They exist to destroy the corruption in the kingdom, if ever found and to protect the future of all Eukarians, especially the children of the royal families. They do not serve any other race, and are even believed to be a myth by other sprite clans.

5. The Sisters of Serenity: They are the devoted and faithful. They give their heart and soul to preserving culture and history, and they are respected highly by the Sylvatic as the Servants of Gaea.

6. Sylvatic Knights: Once called the Knights of Sephira before the unification of the seven forest clans. After the Sylvatic was formed, the knighthood changed to a larger military consisting of Sylvatic citizens sworn to protect and uphold order. This military’s name changed, but their purpose did not.

7. The Merchants: They are the gears that push the cities and kingdom around. The economy grows with their actions, and are highly respected for it.

8. The Commoners: They live their lives the way they want to. They are farmers, herders, writers, teachers, and jobs that do not govern a kingdom. They respect the laws that protect them, and serve the kingdom with their chosen duty.

9: The Fallen: They are individuals who have strayed from duty or honor. They are the unworthy, those who have committed crimes in the eyes of the majority. To become a fallen is rare. All fallen lose their place in the kingdom, and are often exiled.

Sylvatic Knight (Kryus Rank) by Kev Liew

Salix No Mori (Hollowed Whisper) by Kev Liew





Adhark and Eukarian


Sprite Abilities

Eukarian Quote: What lives may never surrender.

Due to their connection with the Sephira, they gained the ability to transmute organic matter by the mere touch and if developed the proximity of it. They are even able to animate trees and control complex organisms.

Profound clairvoyant abilities which they develop from childhood in order to gain foresight, intelligence and the competence needed to be leaders.

With their ability to manipulate organic material, they can also enhance certain areas in their body, such as muscle fibers or their sensory organs to quickly adapt in new environments.

Able to resist, withstand, recover from damage, physical trauma or fatigue to a much greater extent than the average human.

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