King Iko, having left the throne to find his wife, Lunora, ventures through Caligo on a mystic journey forged by fate. Along the way, in facing untold danger and maleficence, his heart will be tested. Can he win the favor of the sprites who believe the lies that swirl about his past?


In a realm of whispered legends, Iko, the Eternity-Cursed warrior, defies gods and kingdoms to reclaim his lost love, Lunora. Amid treachery, he and his formidable allies navigate a world marked by blood and ashes. As fate unravels and Hyperia’s dark heart is exposed, Iko faces a choice between love and peace, lest he be consumed by the abyss. In this epic tale, blurred lines divide heroes and villains, as passion, power, and destiny collide, igniting a story as vibrant as the human spirit. Lunora is a fantasy sci fi touched by romance, tragedy, war, and the imagination.



Determined to find his beloved,

Iko, a cursed warrior, sets out on a perilous journey,

Defying the threads of destiny and time itself. . .

However, Eldritch Gods have taken notice.

—A timeless saga unfolds, weaving together the threads of destiny, love, and sacrifice.—

Iko Sunstone, the masked warrior said to be Eternity-Cursed, emerges from the shadows of Nevermore, embarking on a relentless quest to reunite with his beloved Lunora. Defying the Gods of Time, and pursued by vengeful kingdoms, he carves a path through blood and ruin, guided by an unyielding vow to keep his promise.

Alongside him, a valiant ensemble forms: Naeva, a fierce girl fighting for her people’s freedom; Jabari, a brother driven by vengeance; and a haunted Alchemist with a past engulfed in ash. United, they face an odyssey marked by smoldering worlds and fading stars, hurtling toward a destiny that could eclipse the gods themselves.

As the veil of deceit lifts, Iko confronts the chilling truth about Hyperia: a capital mired in corruption and the oppression of its human population. In the face of Lunora’s dream of a peaceful world, will he rise as the benevolent savior or be consumed by despair’s abyss?

Salvation sparks when Iko frees Naeva from the grip of slavers. Embracing his birthright as a champion, he enters a complex dance of courage, love, and fate. But the pure-blooded Hyperions, masters of the game, will do anything to maintain their dominion.

In this epic journey, where the extraordinary intertwines with the intimate, readers are beckoned to explore the depths of their own imagination and explore a story like no other.

Team Lunora

H.S. Crow


Kev Liew

Inker / Letterer

Sierra 'Ashevaili' Rottman

Art Director

Nika Art


Otherworlds Inc


“I will walk to the end of the world. Until the gold from the sun dwindles away . . . if it means I can find you.”


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H.S. Crow has literary works appearing in all mediums of entertainment with a focus on fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He is an author traversing the breathtaking Caligo, a vast universe containing our dreams and nightmares. Notable books include Lunora and the Monster King, Stars of Glass, & the upcoming Drums of Fog. 

H.S. Crow