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Untold Worlds

Let your mind escape the tight grip the world holds on you and close your eyes. I want you to escape with me. I want you to dream and envision a reality unlike any before. Are you bold enough to seek a new world? If you are, step into the door of light where the crackling fires of possibility exist. Let your heart yowl into the Aeolian Sky as you chase the coiled breeze of imagination. Walk into the glitched Kingdom of Nevermore, and let the dusty ruins of forgotten gods enchant you. In this world your wildest imaginings await. There you shall find a new legacy where courage is forged – not found. You will rise, you will seek, and you will be reborn. Welcome to Caligo, brave explorer. It is one of the universes that H.S. Crow and The Otherworlds Inc have started. Once you embrace it, you may find yourself dancing beneath an unfamiliar star, singing alongside strange new friends, and fighting to keep your dream alive. With every word you traverse in our books, a new adventure awaits.

Artistic Visions

Experience our stories through the brush strokes of our artists, and be captured by the extraordinary spell that emanates beneath their illustrations. Let it ensnare you as it has us. We are lost in its loving embrace filled with infinite color. When you decide to travel this path, anything is possible. The creativity you will find may shake you. Give it a chance, brave observer! Watch as the worlds you read unfold with life. You will find tapestries brimming with the élan fires that a proud Hyperion would battle for. Are you ready to tumble down the gelid streams of indigo that the Vodyanoy lurk in, or travel the inverted paradox doomed between the avenues of stars? Beware! You may not return from it, but what kind of explorer would? Come, and experience the innovative and timeless art of The Otherworlds Inc.

Vivid Performances

Are you tired? Sit for a moment and let the recorded voices of passionate actors inspire you. Let them speak of uncharted places, timeless battles, and enchanted relationships. Let the voices of the characters you have come to love be heard. Let them manifest, and absolve you of boredom. From an Askradrasil’s cavernous growl to the chattering of young Eukarian sprites, from the creaking doors of Mother Leaf’s cottage to the sorrowful gales of the Whispering Isles, and even the eldritch hum of void – let your ears engulf the majesty that waits. Allow us the chance to entertain you with theatre-like performances as you proceed with your demanding activities. The stories written by H.S. Crow can be interpreted in many ways. Experience this worthwhile journey through the eyes of our characters. Join us as we serve our purpose in presenting great storytelling to the world. May your voyage be lasting and true, brave explorer. We thank you.


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