Drift into the Eversea

From an Askradrasil’s cavernous growl to the chattering of young Eukarian sprites, from the creaking door of Mother Leaf’s cottage to the sorrowful gales of Whispering Isles, and even the weird hum at the edge of our universe–let your eyes engulf the mysteries of Caligo. 


Welcome, Child of Dolos...

Untold Worlds

Step into the door of light where the crackling fires of possibility exist. Let your heart yowl into the Aeolian Sky as you chase the coiled breeze of imagination. Walk into the glitched Kingdom of Nevermore, and let the dusty ruins of forgotten gods enchant you. 

Timeless Creatures

Travel the inverted paradox of doom between the avenues of stars until the fog clears and the élan flames of proud Hyperion remain but cinders. Beyond the sunken skies of ash and blood lies Caligo, a land of dreams and nightmares, where sprites, monsters, and Gods exist. 

Eldritch Secrets

Dance beneath an unfamiliar star, sing alongside strange new friends, and fight to keep the Others at bay. Reality is not what it seems, and lies too real to question have spread across the shoulders of Atlas. We, oblivious to the magic that surrounds us, it is time for change.

Eukarian Fairy Secret from Stars of Glass

"Quiet, you NEED it!"

One girl in a quest to find her father.

A ruthless king and his desire to kill her.

Will shake a kingdom apart. 

Iko Sunstone from Webtoon Comic Lunora
“I will wait for you until the gold from the sun dwindles away.”

Listen to an Audio Theater

Born to duty beyond his control. From youth, he's told what his destiny should be, and how the world works. Yet, he's never had a choice to find out for himself. This story is about a king who wishes to escape from the man he is becoming. The past echoes in his mind as he is tasked with a burdened that may change him and his kingdom forever.




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RELEASE ON 03.30.23


King Iko, having left the throne to resurrect his wife, Lunora, ventures through Caligo on a mystic journey forged by fate. Along the way, in facing untold danger and maleficence, his heart will be tested. Can he win the favor of the sprites who believe the lies that swirl about his past?!


Stars of Glass

Taylor Snow is your average girl stricken with a decease that not only stole her life, but also broke her family. Her parents are missing, her brother robs banks as a means to pay for her pointless treatments, and her best friend stopped her chemo... Life's great... 


Lunora Soundtrack Vol.1

Music is another means of storytelling as H.S. Crow puts it. Enjoy the Lunora Soundtrack Vol.1 which is a production that explores the comic series Lunora.

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H.S. Crow has literary works appearing in all mediums of entertainment with a focus on fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He is an author traversing the breathtaking Caligo, a vast universe containing our dreams and nightmares. Notable books include Lunora and the Monster King, Stars of Glass, & the upcoming Drums of Fog. 

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