Mythological Inspiration: Honoring Egyptian, Aztec, and Iranian culture with an emphasis on the Phoenix and Garuda myths

The Light of Hyperia

Animal Influence: Bearded Vulture

The proud and forceful Hyperion ascended to glory three thousand years ago, overthrowing the previous ruling tribe that had subjugated an entire empire. The coup against the late Haima King was orchestrated by Ashur Sunstone, father of Iko Sunstone, marking him as the first Hyperion to be crowned Bel - Master of Light. Ashur was also the pioneer in establishing alliances with sprites from foreign territories, including the Eukarians and Asherah. His diplomatic efforts enabled the Hyperion to forge trade links between the Gilded Territories and other kingdoms, securing vital allies for the most devastating civil war in the written annals of Caligo's history. Upon claiming the throne, Ashur renamed the kingdom as the Hyperion Domain.

Fierce in both warfare and diplomacy, they wield influence across all territories, unhesitatingly asserting their authority and showcasing their might. Their culture and history are rooted in mystery, notably their ancient coexistence with a now vanished race, the Ainul. Their religious narratives recount their genesis during the Great Dying following the Solara Cretana Event, emerging from the ashes and embers that filled the heavens. Descending to the Gilded Deserts, by riding inside the rays of sunlight that struggled to warm the Earth during those harsh and unforgiving times. Once the first Hyperion rooted the lands, the second breathed and bore the Egg of Simorgh, an ancestor of the modern Phoenix.

It is thought that they originate from an ancient lineage of Phoenix-like beings, though much of this theory remains under contention. Presently, Hyperion regard themselves as the primordial sprites to embody the sun, with Phoenixes being regarded as their successors and even distant relatives by certain Pureblood Priest.

Hyperion Halfbloods (Male) by Shoz Art

Hyperion Halfbloods (Female) by Shoz Art

The Cinders of a Phoenix

Ancient scriptures discovered in subterranean cave networks allude to a bygone assembly of avian entities inhabiting a lost world adrift in the skies, a realm yet to be located. While some Hyperion Cinders theorize these writings pertain to the Aeolian sprites, the consensus views it as testament to their ancestral legacy.

Their formidable ability to manipulate light and fire, coupled with their volatile temper and the ferocity displayed in moments of wrath, instills fear in many. Upon ascending to power, the Hyperions subjugated humans to perform tasks they deemed inferior, including strenuous labor, maintenance, and farming. However, these arrangements changed when several rebellions began to spark over the exploitation of humans, the underground market for human flesh, and the harsh conditions they were in. In essence, the Hyperion had become no better than the Haima—the previous ruling species of sprite that dominated the Gilded Territories.

This conflict worsened when sympathetic male Hyperion began to crossbreed with the daughters of their human slaves, including Bel Ashur Sunstone—the first Master of Light to be assassinated. The offspring created from this union of sprite and human gave birth to the ‘Halfbloods,’ a new race of Hyperion that were deemed unfit to be a Citizen by the masses. These children, along with their Hyperion fathers, were banished following a revolt led by the Sect of Ennead. This internal conflict resulted in the murder of Bel Ashur Sunstone, and the death of his family, except for Iko Sunstone, his bastard son who escaped with his human aunt.

The majority of unmixed Hyperion, regarded within their ranks as the untainted Hyperion, began to identify as 'Purebloods.' The Purebloods are ferocious and formidable in the realm of conflict, possessing physical and instinctual superiority over the Halfbloods. However, following a horrific genocide, the surviving Halfbloods began to evolve. They shifted their reliance from brute strength to intellect, altering the dynamics significantly. Their curious nature sparked a surge in intelligence and discovery, particularly in mastering the manipulation of fire. Consequently, both the Purebloods and Halfbloods of Hyperion have come to offer significant contributions to the empire.

Currently, the descendants of Sunstone rule Hyperia, and both Purebloods and the hybridized Halfbloods respect each other. This respect emerged after the Halfblood Prince returned to the capital, having become the King of Nevermore, his battle against the family that murdered his kin and the Vizier that tainted Hyperia was not easy. The gruesome battle took over a hundred thousand lives in a span of two days, becoming known as the third most violent battle in the Gilded Territories. The bastard king's victory led to a shift in views, and eventually—acceptance.

The Bolero of Fire

The Hyperion, a species of sprites, are distinguished by their majestic phoenix-like wings, which display all the hues of fire, and their piercing red eyes that evoke the image of Mars at night. They are the sovereign tribe overseeing the Hyperion Domain and are celebrated for leading one of the most formidable armies to victory against the tyrannical Haima Blood King, Boel Kamon, thereby transforming the Gilded Territories from a realm of corruption and oppression to one of immense prosperity.

Currently, two distinct Hyperion races exist: those of pure lineage and those who have mixed with humans—the Halfbloods. Initially, the Purebloods sought to exterminate all mixed Hyperions, nearly succeeding until a Child of Sunstone—The Halfblood Prince—stormed the capital. Newly crowned to rule the White Sea, the Halfblood Prince viewed the Purebloods' racial cleansing efforts as a betrayal of the Sun and all its creations, dedicating himself to showcasing the virtues of unity to all Hyperions.

This narrative is what is commonly taught in schools today. However, some, rumored to have stood alongside him during the uprising, recount the events and his involvement quite differently. What is known is that this king, with a profound understanding of the Pureblood mentality, ascended to power with the intention of highlighting the benefits that mixed Hyperions could offer to the whole of Hyperia.

Hyperion Champion by Maju

The Halfblood Hyperion

After a gruesome civil war that dwindled the capital and all neighboring cities into ruins. The Purebloods saw the error of their ways when they witnessed the pride each Halfblood bore. They had watched their pureblooded ruler fall to his knees before a Halfblood Prince, and his power over fire. He was the first Hyperion capable of controlling it, and this was seen as a sign of the Gods. The Purebloods had learned that the heart and soul of each Halfbloods burned as bright as theirs, and accepted the change in regime.

Both races still face issues with discrimination, racism, and resentment, but these are no longer prevalent among the majority. The human slaves once under Hyperion dominion were offered a choice: to depart or to remain. Those who opted to leave received support in founding their own empires within the lands of Dolos, enriched with substantial knowledge to facilitate their growth. Among these new realms, one rose to prominence as Egypt—dubbed the Black Lands for its fertile soil. Following Egypt's establishment, efforts were made to assist other human civilizations, signaling a gesture of goodwill for past atrocities. Cities were founded both in the Americas and the Fertile Crescent. After these cities were established, the benefactors returned to Caligo, leaving behind aspects of their culture.

The Halfblood Prince’s leadership showcased to every sprite kingdom in Caligo, a commitment to fairness and honor, not only towards their own but also to those who pledged loyalty to them. This stance encouraged other realms to align with the Hyperions, fostering a collective pursuit of a brighter future. Major tribes within the Gilded Territories, including the elusive Cherufe, entered into alliances with the Hyperions, culminating in the formation of the current empire.

Humans who chose to stay in Hyperia were emancipated, becoming Citizens of the realm. This melding of human and sprite societies demonstrated a possible coexistence in harmony, a feat seldom achieved elsewhere. Today, humans continue to live alongside the Hyperions, no longer seeing themselves as distinct species. The contemporary humans, or Madari, adopt feathered wigs and often don beaked masks as a tribute to the Hyperions to whom they are gladly bound.

Hyperion Purebloods (Male) by Kev Liew

Hyperion Social Structure:

[The Hyperion social classes is based on the Hyperion Social Structure. The current rulers of the Hyperion Domain are the Hyperions, and their race have become the instruments of the laws that dictate the Gilded Territories. The known social ranks is listed below from highest to lowest.]

1. Bel (Master of Light): is revered as the vessel of the Sun and the ultimate arbiter governing the Gilded Territories. He embodies the tangible presence of the higher Sun Gods, serving as a direct representative of Atum. This esteemed role places him at the pinnacle of spiritual and temporal authority, symbolizing a divine connection between the heavens and the earthly realm. Through this sacred embodiment, the Bel's decisions and actions are seen as extensions of the will of the gods, further cementing his central position in both the spiritual and political hierarchy of the society.

2. The Vizier (High Priest): also holding the esteemed titles of High Priest of the Sect of Ennead and the Breath of Amun, stands as the chief advisor to the Bel and is regarded as the second most influential figure within the Hyperion Domain. This pivotal role transcends racial boundaries within the empire, as the position is appointed by the consensus of the Citizens, representing the diverse tapestry of the seven species or tribes that constitute the Gilded Territories. The office of the Vizier, therefore, embodies a unifying authority that bridges the various cultures and races under its governance. The current Vizier is a Pureblood Hyperion, illustrating the position's dynamic nature and openness to all races. His predecessors include a member of the Lavinus tribe and a Haima sprite named Au’m Mutar, highlighting the rich mosaic of leadership that has shaped the direction and policies of the Hyperion Domain over time.

3. The Pharaohs (Ruling Class): This esteemed ruling class of the empire, consist of seven kings and queens, each embodying the spirit and will of their people as well as the territories they govern. This illustrious group includes representatives from the Hyperions, Lavinus, Ovis, Jotunn, Kumiho, Avernales, and Cherufe species of sun sprites, ensuring a diverse and inclusive leadership that mirrors the multifaceted nature of the empire. These rulers engage directly with the Bel, conveying the aspirations and concerns of their constituents, thereby playing a crucial role in the empire's development and prosperity.

While each Pharaoh enjoys the autonomy to govern their domain as they see fit, this freedom is balanced with a fundamental allegiance to the Bel, who requires their cooperation and obedience on matters of state. This dynamic class fosters a system of governance that is both decentralized in its respect for individual sovereignty and unified in its dedication to the collective well-being of the empire.

Bel Akuto Shishio Sunstone by Kev Liew

4. The Sect of Ennead: Also, known to those beyond their circle as the Followers of the Sacred Nine, reveres and worships a pantheon of nine deities. This group stands as the tangible arm of enforcement for the religious and spiritual edicts not only of the Hyperion species but also for the Lavinus and Ovis sprites. United under the banner of the Gilded Territories, these three sprite species pledge their allegiance to the sun, sharing a common worship of the same divine entities. The Sect holds avian and feline creatures in high esteem, deeming them sacred beasts.

As a mark of their revered status, these animals are granted the liberty to traverse the sacred grounds freely, embodying the spiritual connection between the Sect's members and their gods. This practice highlights the deep-seated reverence for nature and the divine, integral to the Sect's belief system and the broader spiritual fabric of the Gilded Territories..

5. The Gold Flames of Hyperia: Represent the formidable armed forces of the Hyperion Domain, led by the Yakar—Lord Champion—who serves as the General of both the Chosen Suns and the Inferno branches. This military hierarchy is complemented by the Rekindled, a specialized division tasked with overseeing the tactical maneuvers and covert operations essential to the military's effectiveness. Both the Yakar and the Rekindled hold positions of significant authority, reporting directly to either the Bel or the Vizier, thus ensuring their pivotal roles within the strategic and operational frameworks of the Hyperion military.

In certain circumstances, the powers vested in the Yakar and the Rekindled may surpass those of a Pharaoh, granted by the law to ensure the defense and security of the Hyperion Domain. This structure underscores the intricate balance of power within the Hyperion governance, where military leadership is integral to the realm's stability and prosperity..

6. The Hands of Hyperia: Encompass a distinguished group of craftsmen, doctors, blacksmiths, and master tradespeople who have devoted years to perfecting their skills in significant crafts. Recognized for their indispensable contributions across various sectors such as the economy, military, medicine, and domestic life, the Hands wield considerable influence within the society.

Their expertise and dedication are valued not only by the ruling class but by all Citizens, acknowledging the pivotal role these skilled individuals play in the sustenance and advancement of the Hyperion Domain. The elevated status of the Hands reflects the society's appreciation for craftsmanship and knowledge, highlighting their crucial voice in shaping the realm's future. .

7. Citizens: To achieve the esteemed status of a Citizen within the Hyperion Domain, individuals must successfully navigate the Trial of the Sun, affirm their allegiance to the Bel and the Sun Gods, and actively contribute to the empire's prosperity. This rigorous process ensures that all Citizens are committed to the values and growth of their society.

The legal framework of the Hyperion Domain enshrines equality among all its diverse inhabitants, including the Hyperions, Lavinus, Ovis, Jotunn, Kumiho, Avernales, Cherufe, and Madari, under the unifying banner of Hyperion Law.

8. The Madari: a distinct group within this inclusive society, are sub-human individuals who have pledged their loyalty to the Hyperions. Having played a crucial role in the reconstruction of Hyperia following the Civil War, the Madari have voluntarily forsaken their previous human identities. They do not consider themselves human but rather see themselves as a distinct, albeit lesser, faction of sprite. This self-identification reflects the profound impact of cultural assimilation and loyalty to the Hyperion cause, underscoring the complex dynamics of identity and belonging within the empire.

9. Slaves: This class comprises Citizens who have transgressed the law, prisoners of war, and foreign humans who have not pledged loyalty to the Hyperion Domain. Occupying the lowest rung of the social ladder, individuals within this group are deprived of the right to a voice in society. They are bound by a contract of servitude lasting 10 years, during which they are obligated to fulfill the demands of their masters. Upon the completion of their contract, they are granted freedom and presented with a pivotal choice: to depart from the Gilded Lands or to engage in the Trial of the Sun.

Successfully undergoing the Trial offers them the opportunity to be reborn as Citizens of the empire, allowing them a chance at redemption and full integration into the society they once served. This pathway underscores the empire’s values of justice, redemption, and the potential for transformation and assimilation within its structured societal hierarchy.

Hyperion Champion (Phiora Goldhands Rank) by Kev Liew

Hyperion Champion (Asko First Flames Rank) by Kev Liew

The Madari (Human) by DC Jihad






Sprite Abilities

Hyperion Quote: With each dawn, our pride ignites, like a phoenix's rebirth!

Hyperions possess the innate ability to manipulate light, a skill facilitated by specialized organs within their throat known as the Cords of Ra. These organs produce vibrations beyond the perception of most creatures, allowing Hyperions to bend and redirect photons at will. This manipulation extends to communication over vast distances and the alteration of solar energy into various forms. Mastery of this ability is a testament to their deep connection with the sun and its rays.

A select portion of Hyperions, approximately 30%, have the ability to generate heat through the vibration of air molecules. This skill is more prevalent among Halfbloods, who can elevate this ability to create and control fire, a rare talent found in only 15% of the population. This ability to transition from heat generation to fire forging represents a pinnacle of control over their elemental powers.

Hyperions exhibit accelerated healing abilities, which are directly influenced by the electromagnetic energy they absorb through their skin. This process, akin to an advanced form of photosynthesis, allows them to recover from injuries at a remarkable rate, provided they are exposed to sufficient light. In the absence of light, this regenerative capacity diminishes significantly, highlighting their symbiotic relationship with celestial energy.

Their senses are exceptionally sharp, with eyesight rivalling that of the keenest birds of prey and auditory senses far exceeding human capabilities. This predatory perception enables Hyperions to detect the subtlest movements and sounds, granting them an unparalleled advantage in both hunting and combat. Hyperions are also graced with fully functional phoenix-like wings, granting them remarkable agility and the gift of flight. Despite their bones being less dense than those of humans, they maintain equivalent strength, allowing for powerful aerial maneuvers and swift movements.

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