Lunora and the Monster King


Experience this coming-of-age story that explores what it means to be human and examines the limitless possibilities still hidden away in the cracks and corners of reality.

Lunora and the Monster King

One girl in a quest to find her father. 

A ruthless king and his desire to kill her. 

A half-sprite destined for greatness. 

Will shake a kingdom apart.

The Monster King's searching for a human, and word on the wind is Mother Leaf knows where it is!

Wake to a New Horizon.

The vast world of Caligo dwells beyond the gaze of humans. Inhabiting extraordinary fiends and deadly creatures, its black sun and moonless nights are hidden for one lone purpose-to keep us out.

Fourteen-year-old Lunora wakes up scared and alone in this dark world, but she's not alone' and she's not welcome. Her treacherous journey to find her father will take her body and soul to the depths of despair as she must turn enemies into allies to survive. A Hyperion monster boy, Iko, must decide if he can trust a human over the will of his tribe and the rule of the ruthless Monster King.


The True Story of Lunora Begins...

Berserk fans, ignite your excitement with this dark fantasy comic! A masterful fusion of Zelda's magic, Berserk's cosmic horror, Avatar's adventure, and Game of Thrones' realism. Delve into Caligo, the True Earth, born from an author's dreams, where myths are reality and our world is but a reflection. Embark on a mind-expanding, heart-stirring, soul-transforming journey in a tale that reimagines myth and fantasy literature.

Lunora and the Monster King, an adventure in literature written in script form, and a work of art open to many interpretations that evolve from the education and understanding of each reader. Extremely strong and embodies many of my own feelings as it no doubt does for many readers. Just excellent!" 

Judge, 25th Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards


Nevermore is in danger...

The Wingless Hyperion 

A white haired young monster with piercing scarlet eyes and a desire to be king has only ever experienced violence and rejection in his life. He wears a strange mask to hide the truth about his mother, and his past struggles. Many years have come and gone since the young Hyperion journeyed out of Nevermore, and the Eversea draws nearer. A great change is here as a darkness fogs the land he knew.

The Child of Summer

Having lost her family in a horrible genocide, things have grown grim as Lunora and her father, Nicholas, resort to escaping the country alongside thousands of refugees. The sirens have begun to blare with the deathly howl of planes and the only thing they can do is run. This is all she remembers as she wakes in a land lost in twilight. The planes are gone and she's alone.


The Banished Oberon

The Qilin born monarch is no longer the beacon of hope his followers worshiped as he rules over what is left of a banished land connected by peculiar gates of light and an ominous black sun with an obsidian fist. However, after the death of his daughter his hatred and distrust towards humanity has grown irrepressible with a cruelty and unrelenting hunger that threatens everything his daughter loved. 

Danger Looms

Travel to the Kingdom of Nevermore with fourteen year old Lunora and join her as she wakes to a strange land drifting between the avenues of starless void. This world, locked under a black sun is ruled by monsters as the Eversea draws evermore near, and majority of them desire the death of humanity.

A Girl's Vow

Lunora's father is still alive, and lost in Nevermore. He is in danger as the Banished Oberon's order for Obsidian Law has taken precedence. Lunora vows to find him, and she has sworn to do it without violence, a choice that will make her quest nearly impossible make. Will her need to survive break her code of ethics?

A Dark Secret

Some monsters whisper of a village troubled by a cruel witch, and the hunger that tainted two siblings. Others speak of a wingless orphan with the desire to rid the king, or of the vile spirits rising in the Islands beyond the bridge. It's hard to ignore all the talk, yet none know of the curse that called back time, or of the human murderer that danced with the princess.


What People Are Saying...

H.S. Crow has literary works appearing in all mediums of entertainment with a focus on fantasy, science fiction, and horror. He is an author traversing the breathtaking Caligo, a vast universe containing our dreams and nightmares. Notable books include Lunora and the Monster King, Stars of Glass, & the upcoming Drums of Fog. 

H.S. Crow