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  • July 28-29, 2017 | Volunteering at Supercon | Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • June 1, 2017 | Audiobook Recording with Swiblet | Pompano Beach, FL
  • May 24-27, 2017 | Attending Megacon | Orlando, FL
  • April 30, 2017 | Temple Beth Orr Holocaust Memoriam | Coral Springs, FL
  • April 22, 2017 | Meeting James Patterson at Palm Beach Book Festival | West Palm Beach, FL
  • April 18, 2017 | Valued Partners Meeting at Dillard High School | Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • April 14-15, 2017 | Volunteering at Supercon Retro | Miami, FL
  • April 11, 2017 | Interview at Cosmic Radio | Delray Beach, FL
  • April 1, 2017 | Lunora and the Monster King Released | Worldwide
  • March 31, 2017 | Novel Day at Dillard High School | Fort Lauderdale, FL

Industry Reviews and Supporters

I for the first time wished that I had the actual book in my hand rather than the screen one. To be able to see the illustrations and the words on the page in this instance would have been extraordinary. I feel like maybe I would have felt like what Bastian felt when he was reading The Neverending Story up in the school attic.

Lunora made a strong protagonist, one that was easy to connect to ( I would think if you were a girl or a boy) and someone that even an adult could look up to and take notes from when it comes to intense interactions with others.  She is the victim of a terrible attack and wakes up in a world that is filled with monsters. The first character that you meet is Mother Leaf, someone that I pictured to be like that talking knot in the tree from Fern Gully. Many other characters come into play in the story and each is as interesting and beautiful as the last. Her journey from scared child to the end was heartbreaking and delightful.

This book makes you think twice about what your children might be thinking about racism or terrorism or how they view other adults. This would be a great story to share with your kids, your neighbors, your peers and quite possibly even strangers that your randomly meet. I encourage readers of all ages to engage with these characters.

Sara Lucinda Book Reviewer, The Loaded Shelf

La calidad de ese libro supera a casi todo el resto de lo que he leido por mucho tiempo ya. En este libro, se nos da una visión maravillosa de visión del afán de superación, lucha por la supervivencia, de como se puede uno convertir en adulto aun siendo un niño, echarse a la espalda la tarea de sacar adelante a tu familia, dara la vida por aquellos que quieres, sin dudarlo un segundo.

Todos podemos aprender más de una lección con este libro, adolescentes y adultos.

Por otra parte, los personajes son maravillosos, escrito en primera persona, con un estilo directo, claro, conciso.

La OathKeeper es un “must-read.”

Armando Barrera Profesor de , Editorial Universidad del Cauca

This book is just amazing from both an educational perspective as well as just from a love of reading perspective!

I was hooked from the beginning and could not put the book down. While at times you want to know more about the specifics of the troubles that were left behind, by the end it is clear that the purpose is the lessons learned from those troubles, rather than the specific.

The playscript form allows for descriptive stage direction, and points you toward action that might have gone unnoticed in paragraph form.
While the plot is quite unique, while reading it I was reminded of the Wizard of Oz and how the main character goes on a journey to learn about herself, and meet her own helpers along the way.
This entire story is one of fighting against prejudice and a true commitment toward kindness and helping others. While reading the book, you are transported into this world, with little detail about the location and little prior knowledge you immediately gain the satisfaction of developing your own knowledge along with the main character’s knowledge. You know exactly what she knows, and it allows for a deeper appreciation of the novel’s events.
It is not all dialogue, and the monologues of the script invite the reader to truly think and explore the issues at hand. It is a truly a brilliant book.
Well done and Mazal Tov on the publishing of your first book.

Jackie Klein Hebrew Educator, West London Synagogue