Meet The Author

H.S. Crow was born in Plantation, Florida. He pursued traditional art from an early age with the dream of creating a world he could run away to. When he turned 16 when the war on terror had worsened. He skipped his high school  graduation and joined the USMC in order to save lives and create physical change in the world. With this decision, he left behind his dreams of becoming an artist. A year later he stood before Golf Company in Parris Island as a young man seeking to wear the mantle of heroes before him. He wanted to be more than a forgotten whisper, but his path was flawed. He had been blinded by the glamour of valor and fell short to see the grime that came with it. It was a crude joke when reality struck him as he aimed his gun for the first time. "It takes a monster to defeat a monster. War is not black and white. There is no good or evil. There is only sides and how far you are willing to go to survive a given conflict," is something a fellow marine once told H.S. Crow. He was crushed by those words as he soon learned darker truths about the essence of war.

H.S. Crow since youth has cared deeply for the well being of all people, not just one. His patriotism was towards the world, and he searched for a means to serve it. He did not want to create more heartache, instead he desired to learn ways to influence a better tomorrow. After falling from a tower in an accident, he was medically discharged and though he felt like it was the end – it was only the beginning.


He attended the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale as a means to return to his roots as an artist, but times were hard. He struggled financially during the economic crash and things became worse with the loss of his unborn child. The young woman he was engaged to became shattered by the tragedy, and left H.S. Crow. For the next few years he experienced turmoil as more harrowing events transpired. It is unknown as to what exactly occurred, but it is said that a broken heart can redefine an artist and this was true for H.S. Crow. He dropped out of the Art Institute after they increased his tuition, but this event triggered a great change towards his passion. He had found love in books and writing. It took over his life, and he began to seek answers for it.


He traveled to various places in order to understand the world better. He took on aliases in order to gain new perspectives and learned a great deal of wisdom from it. He observed and listened to strangers regarding their experiences, life decisions, and dreams. Learning inspired him. By the age of 22 his research intensified as he explored a wide range scientific subjects, including theories and beliefs found in philosophy and mythology. In his efforts to comprehend the universe he discovered the beauty of Physics.


With the passage of time H.S. Crow grew more determined to reach his goals. His father, an honest and hardworking man wanted what was best for the young soon to be author. Sadly, writing was far from it. They constantly had disagreements and it created discord between them. H.S. Crow left his home and sought to reach his dreams alone. During this time, he became depressed as he took on a life on the streets, desperate to prove his father wrong. No one knew the exact extent of his struggles. He disliked the idea of being pitied and kept much of his problems to himself. However, after a some time of being homeless he met a girl that rekindled his heart. She had many dreams, yet no means to reach them, yet it always made H.S. Crow smile. They became great friends and he fell in love.


H.S. Crow pursued a life in writing and forged a universe unlike any he had seen before as he worked crude hours in order to get his first home. Hours upon hours would go by every night as H.S. Crow produced the universe of Caligo for his books to explore. He was happy for a moment, especially after getting his first home, but it was short lived. The family of the young girl learned of the relationship they had and found issues with his race. H.S. Crow had not experienced racism since his time in boot camp and he was reminded of the ignorance that still existed in his country. Prejudice of race, gender, nation, and faith became things he yearned to one day eliminate. The young writer began to study politics and law in order to understand how to one day fight the injustice that taints our streets. For another year he struggled to keep his relationship with the girl alive, but the family succeeded in breaking them apart. The girl had changed and they went their separate ways.


H.S. Crow abandoned the home he had created with her, and found his place on the shore of a beach. He watched the sun rise and set for months as he transformed his sorrow into ink. His father reached out to him, and they mended old wounds. H.S. Crow returned to his old home and he worked harder to reach his goals. He labored for eighty hours a week while following his dream, yet somehow still had time to partake in swords fighting that according to him was a sport that eased his heart.


The sport called Dagohir based on feudal warfare was rough, but rewarding. He connected with people who motivated him, and met good friends that would later join him in creating The Otherworlds Inc, a creative company that aims to unleash the massive universes H.S. Crow forged. The company is a picky publishing house that only accepts innovative tales capable of changing the world. They specialize in books, animations, music, and games. The important people that helped start The Otherworlds Inc was the talented artist, Sierra Ashe Rottman. She has been one of the key individuals next to Stephen William Lybeck (editor) and Gabriella Garcias (Artist) that has given his world life. 


Currently, H.S. Crow is a hardworking Floridian pushing countless hours between his day job, writing career, company, and philanthropy work. His ambition is to inspire the world to do greater things. He wants to become a better philanthropist and pursue a degree in theoretical physics. He has the power to do great things, but only with your support, brave explorers.


In an interview, he mentioned three goals he aims to accomplish in the next five years: One is to make a name for himself as a writer and creator. The second is to build a better tomorrow through charity, public speaking, and his own hands. Lastly, it's to push his company forward and gain the respect of the world as a creative team that focuses on brilliant and breathtaking stories.

Fun Author Facts

Authors that inspired H.S. Crow are Ayn Rand, H.P. Lovecraft, George Orwell, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Phillip Pullman, and Edgar Allen Poe.

He enjoys tea and sushi a little too much.

He used sword fight every Sunday with his team Kage before dedicating fully to writing.

Every three years he goes on an expedition to a dangerous location. From an interview, he stated the experience builds great story.

He has two heroes: his father who in his eyes is the most humble man he knows, and his late sister who inspired him to reach the stars.

Movies he has enjoyed is The Fountain, Mr. Nobody, I Am Legend, The Thing (1982), The Matrix, Pan's Labyrinth, Interstellar,
Arrival, Passengers, Moana, Star Wars, The Lion King, and Wolf Children.

The artist that has inspired him the most is Zdzislaw Beksinski.