Lunora and the Monster King (Book & eBook)

Imagine a world enveloped in fog where the sun is black and nothing is as it seems. Here, everything is possible and that includes your dreams and nightmares.

Monsters call this place the Kingdom of Nevermore, and it lies outside our universe—drifting within the Eversea. 

Many monsters say we came from there, but a horrible cataclysm separated it from Caligo—the first earth—long ago.

However, things have grown grim. Time has returned, and with it death.

Sprites, beast, and even gods of myth hide in fear as the Banished Oberon seeks to fix what went wrong, or so it seems. 

Ignorance, discrimination, and hate blind his ambition as he subjugates all who dare oppose him.

At least until Lunora arrived... 

She reminds us of a time when things were simpler.

Oh, how I wish for it to be as it was.

She is a young girl rumored to have escaped her war-torn country. Tragically, her escape led her here. Humans do not belong in Nevermore. They say her memory is fading. According to Mother Leaf, the last thing she remembers is her father, his tears, and the smell of sulfur. Her goal is to be with him again, but wicked eyes have set on her. 

She is the first human in a long time to enter this strange realm, and many monsters have become fully aware of her. 
They hunger for her flesh with the belief that her blood can grant them power.

The power to change our world they say...